15+ Best ALTBalaji Web Series to Watch Now [October 2022]

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Hey, binge-watchers! here we are with some extraordinary Web Series on Alt Balaji you don’t wanna miss watching!

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Top 10 Indian Web Series to watch on Alt Balaji

In this blog, we will list out the 10 Best Alt Balaji Web Series that you must binge-watch without fail. Lately, Alt Balaji has been one of the leading OTT players in India with a variety of options to offer in the original web-series category. Alt Balaji is part of the leading production house Balaji Telefilms owned by Ekta Kapoor.

So here is the list of Top 10 Alt Balaji Web Series to Watch Right Now: –

1- Broken But Beautiful

IMDb Rating: – 9/10

Release Date: Season 1- 29 November 2018

                             Season 2- 27 November 2019

                             Season 3- 27 May 2021

Genre: –  Romance/ Drama

Storyline: – Broken But Beautiful is Veer and Sameera’s story, where their hearts were left broken. Veer and Sameera come up with a plan and pretend they are together to make Kartik jealous. The show then revolves around the blossoming relationship between Sameera and Veer. The series revolves around love, heartbreaks, and a never-ending romance between two individuals.

Episodes:- 31

No. of Seasons:- 3

Watch Broken but Beautiful trailer

2- Baarish

IMDb Rating: – 8.1/10

Release Date:- 25 April 2019

Genre: – Romance

baarish altbalaji best web series

Storyline: – Gauravi & Anuj are completely different people, coming from two entirely distinct backgrounds, in terms of economics and culture. After the death of his father, Anuj has to stop his studies in order to care for his children and family business. A lifetime of effort pays off, and he can build the business of his choice.

However, Gauravi grew up in a middle-class household that is one in which education is the most important thing. A surprise marriage that is arranged by both families binds them in a romantic relationship in a transactional situation. But, it isn’t long before they become infatuated with each other when the rains choose to write their future.

No. of Seasons: – 2

Watch Baarish Season 2 Trailer

3- Bekaaboo

IMDb Rating: – 9.6/10

Release Date:- 1 May 2019

Genre: – Thriller

bekaaboo best altbalaji web series

Storyline: – Kiyan Roy’s bestseller erotica book offers the reader a life that is like the perfect dream. But the most fervent corners of his heart yearn to experience a different type of enjoyment and a wild joy that is accompanied by pain. A few days later, he realizes that someone is watching him and has discovered his secret. Someone who is obsessed with pleasure from suffering. Incredulous at the chance and intrigued by the chance to discover his dark dreams with her.

However, the events turn out to be wilder than he imagined and he’s on the brink of losing everything he’s ever had, from his fame and profession, all the way to his parents and his fiancee. Are you sure Kiyan find a way to recapture his ideal life or will he lose everything in this pursuit for the pleasure of suffering?

Episodes:- 20

No. of Seasons: – 2

Watch Bekaaboo trailer

4- Apharan

IMDb Rating: – 7.8/10

Release Date:- 14 December 2018

Genre: – Drama/ Romance

Apharan best web series alt balajio

Storyline: – Rudra an inspector of the highest rank is enticed to kidnap an innocent girl on the orders of her mother. However, the scheme of extorting cash for her release is horribly flawed & lands him in trouble.

Episodes:- 23

No. of Seasons: – 2

Watch Apharan trailer

5- Cartel

IMDb Rating: – 8.4/10

Release Date:- 20 August 2021

Genre: – Action/ Drama

cartel web series

Storyline: – 1 attack that will change the fate of the house of The Angres. Will the first family of the corporation survive?

Episodes:- 14

No. of Seasons: – 1

Watch Cartel trailer

6- The Married Woman

IMDb Rating: – 9.6/10

Release Date:- 8 March 2021

Genre: – Drama / Romance

the married woman alt balaji web series

Storyline: – A wife, a teacher, a mom, a homemaker, she’s played all the roles, but what about being true to herself? Being Astha? Be a part of Astha’s journey as she disobeys limitations, set by society, to uncover herself.

Episodes:- 11

No. of Seasons: – 1

Watch The Married Woman Trailer

7- Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu

IMDb Rating: – 9/10

Release Date: – 06 April 2021

Genre: – Action/ Thriller

Storyline: – Though the plot of the 1990s, the story orbits around an ordinary man from Bareilly, Nawab aka Hero (Parth Samthaan) who arrives in Mumbai with some remarkable dreams of making it big in his life by hook or by crook. Hailing from Bareilly, Nawab comes to Mumbai with his father and a bagful of desires. Initially, he joins his uncle’s business, starts selling pirated videocassettes of movies, and runs a cable TV business. In no time, he becomes a rising gangster, who under the guidance of the don of Mumbai—Lala (Arslan Goni)— transforms into the king of the underworld. He enters Bollywood as well to make money where he met the love of his life, Laila (Patralekha Paul). As Lala is also interested in Laila, this impacts the dynamics between Lala and his protégé. Thereon the story changes into a love triangle with Mumbai (then Bombay) underbelly as a backdrop.

Episodes:- 14

No. of Seasons: – 1

Watch main hero bol raha hoon trailer

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8- Dev DD

IMDb Rating: – 8/10

Release Date: Season 1- 21 April 2017

                             Season 2- 20 February 2021

Genre:- Drama/ Romance

Storyline: – The opposite version of the popular Bollywood movie Devdas starring Shahrukh Khan. Here is a modern Devdas in which sexism, homophobia, feminism, and many more things are refused in social societies to stress upon. The story revolves around Vicky (Played by Asheema Vardaan), the type of girl society usually grimaces upon. She drinks, smokes, accepts how much she loves sex, and a feminist from her heart. A kind of girl gets a usual label as a slut or characterless from men and some regressive women. However, she is her father’s pride and he loves his daughter the way she is. Vicky meets Paro aka Parth (Played by Akhil Kapur), whom she falls in love with and gets heartbroken. Vicky second time falls in love with Anurag, who is matured. Anurag fades on her in Mumbai and a heartbroken Devika falls into depression. She is no longer craving for alcohol or drugs, she is craving for acceptance and love, but Anurag abandons her just when she needs him. And the story further continues with amazing twists & turns.

Episodes: 28

No. of Seasons:- 2

Watch Dev DD Trailer

9- Dark 7 White

IMDb Rating: – 8.1/10

Release Date: –24 November 2020

Genre: –Drama/ Crime/ Mystery

Storyline: The saga revolves around Yudi (Played by Sumeet Vyas) who is the upcoming Chief Minister of Rajasthan. However, his ambition of being the youngest Chief Minister comes to an electrifying end when he’s murdered in broad daylight. His 7 closest friends become prime suspects as each one of them has a strong motive. Abhimanyu Singh (Played by Jatin Sarna) is the cop investigating the case and as the mystery unfolds, many dark secrets unwind.

Episodes:- 10

No. of Seasons: – 1

Watch dark 7 white trailer

10- Bose: Dead or Alive

IMDb Rating: – 8.8/10

Release Date: – 20 November 2017

Genre: – Action / Crime 

Storyline: – This web series is a biography of Subhas Chandra Bose. On 18 August 1945 after his overloaded Japanese plane crashed in Japanese-occupied Formosa (now Taiwan) Subhas Chandra Bose (Played by Rajkumar Rao) is presumed dead. However, his family in Kolkata receive a telegram from Mahatma Gandhi to not conduct his last rites. It then begins with speculation about his death and other characters who suggest how he has disappeared in the past as well, with all of them suggesting his possible restoration.

Episodes:- 9

No. of Seasons: – 1

Watch Bose: Dead or Alive trailer

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11- LSD – Love, Scandal and Doctors

IMDb Rating: – 8.8/10

Release Date:- 5 February 2021

Genre: – Thriller/ Crime 

Storyline: – LSD is another bummer on the OTT platform. The web series also marks the digital debut of famous choreographer, Punit J Pathak, who plays the role of a witty and cheeky cop in the show. The story begins with 5 interns at a famous hospital trying to cover a crime they have committed together- a murder of a patient. It then dives into various other sub-plots of love, lust, revenge, sexual orientations, friendship, hatred, and more. How these 5 interns find themselves entangled in the investigation and how they come out of it. Who’s betraying whom in the group and finally who is the real killer!

Episodes:- 15

No. of Seasons: – 1

Watch LSD trailer

12- His Storyy

IMDb Rating: – 7.8/10

Release Date:- 25 April 2021

Genre: – Drama/ Romance

Storyline: – Sakshi and Kunal are a South-Bombay couple who are operating a business together. Sakshi is the head chef and Kunal takes care of the business end of the restaurant. They have two sons, Shlok and Shivaay. Things fall apart for Sakshi when she realizes that her 20 years of familial and marital joy was nothing but a pack of lies.

Kunal has an extra-marital affair with a man called Preet and this destroys Sakshi. The couple decides to separate and end the marriage. Kunal moves in with Preet; but the family, especially his eldest son Shivaay, don’t take this very well. He is homophobic and violates his father as well as his friend Ved, who is exploring his sexuality in his adolescence. Shlok and Sakshi accept the truth and decide to move on. But due to various events that occur, the story does not have a happy ending but is worth watching.

Episodes:- 11

No. of Seasons: – 1

Watch His Storyy trailer

13- Puncch Beat

IMDb Rating: – 8.8/10

Release Date: Season 1- 14 February 2019

                            Season 2- 16 July 2021

Genre: –  Fantasy/Drama

Storyline:- This web series gives viewers a feel of the super hit Bollywood movie on the same genre Student of the Year. Just like the movie, the series also revolves around a premium institution of India namely Rosewood High, campus life, and conflict within students. Things change when there is a murder of a student in the school and everyone becomes a suspect. And during the investigation, so many secrets will be unveiled that might break or make friends and relationships.

Episodes:- 26

No. of Seasons:- 2

Watch puncch beat trailer

14- Who’s Your Daddy

IMDb Rating: – 7.3/10

Release Date: – 2 April 2020

Genre: – Drama / Comedy

Storyline: – This comedy-drama web series exhibits Prem Singh [Played by Rahul Dev] and Soggy [Played by Harsh Beniwal] as a father-son couple. Both of them stay in the neighborhood of Delhi portraying the daily adventures activities of Soggy and retired army Prem Singh like they are the coolest family in the town. Soggy owns a DVD shop and rents blue films (p0rn m0vies) to high society females and earns a sizeable income. This makes his father a star among the women who rent DVDs. Amidst this whole confusion, nobody knows Who is the daddy of Soggy’s son?

Episodes:- 23

No. of Seasons: – 2

Watch who’s your daddy Trailer

15- Gandii Baat

IMDb Rating: – 3.5/10

Release Date: Season 1- 3 May 2018

                            Season 2- 7 January 2019

                            Season 3- 27 July 2019

                            Season 4- 27 July 2019

                            Season 5- 7 January 2020

                            Season 6- 21 January 2021

Genre: –  Thriller /Crime

Storyline: – Scintillating stories of murder mysteries which comes all under the genre of the erotic thriller. With characters adjoining psychopath tendencies, the stories this season dwell upon the surplus of emotions that immediate crimes of craving.

Episodes:-  24

No. of Seasons:- 6

Watch Gandii Baat trailer 

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Wrapping Up!

So what are you waiting for? Bake your popcorn, call your friends & start binge-watching these interesting web series of Alt Balaji.

Comment Below Your personal Favorite Web Series of all time! 

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