Top 10 Best Zombie Games For Android [December 2021]

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Hello, Buddies Today We Are Sharing 10 Best Zombies Games for Android which is very engaging & addicting!

You can spend your spare time enjoying & murdering all of those brainless zombies.

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Best Zombie Games For Android

Best Zombie Games For Android 2021

So here is the list of Top 10 Best Zombie Games for Android Devices which is very addicting & competing below: –

1- Into the Dead

[appbox googleplay com.sidheinteractive.sif.DR]

Into this Dead throws you in the grim world of the zombies at which there aren’t any other chances.

Do everything you need to so as to remain alive, so keep moving as quickly as possible, & shield yourself from any zombies. As soon as the Dead are climbing, just run!

Into the Dead game

Features: –

1- Brilliant gameplay with gorgeous graphics & audio representing a zombie apocalypse.

2- Unlock an armoury of mighty weapons & advantages that will help you stay breathing.

3- Mini-goals & Missions Deliver continuous challenges to conquer.

4- Challenge Your Friends.

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2- The Walking Dead

[appbox googleplay]

The zombie apocalypse has started. The zombies & walkers feed existing human beings & also have taken over our areas.

To be able to live, you need your rifle & snipers prepared to scavenge & search at your house, area, or outside, together with all the all-new Free Roam quality. Together with the collapse of humankind, making friends & forming a group is the distinction between death & survival.

The Walking Dead

Features: –

1- Hunt with Heroes: Collect mythical heroes from the TV series of The Walking Dead, such as Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead Season 2, The Governor of the Walking Dead Season 4, & even Alpha of The Walking Dead Season 10!

2- Shoot Zombies: Shooting zombies is simple! All you have to do is target your brain to get headshots. Unlock & update countless snipers to become the greatest zombie shooter of all time.

3- Free-Roaming: Survive the zombie apocalypse adventure match with Free Roaming & Explore the Map!

3- Zombie Frontier 3

[appbox googleplay com.feelingtouch.zf3d&hl=en]

A harmful vaccine has created a potent virus that breaks individuals into walking zombies. This deadly virus circulates inducing zombies outbreaks & individuals are in critical threat of death.

Zombie Frontier 3

The zombie shooting apocalypse is an unknown battleground. Greatest days are gone will you escape from each creature or headshot out your way as a survival enthusiast in these types of FPS deadly Zombie Killing battleground games? Pull the trigger & Begin killing zombies in different matches.

4- Zombie Roadkill 3D

[appbox googleplay com.wordsmobile.zombieroadkill]

Whenever your team is evidenced with the zombies, the one thing left to get shortly becomes obvious – push away through a zombie apocalypse!

Zombie Roadkill sees you not driving your way through crowds of the walking dead but also lets you take the zombies with Guns & RPGs outfitted on the vehicle.

Is the vehicle powerful enough to your struggles as your inescapable death closes in about you? This game gives weapons & cars never before seen on Android Device!

Zombie Roadkill 3D

Features: –

1- Exceptional Zombie-Blasting Performance & Racing Android Game.

2- 10 thrilling firearms & 5 vehicles in your action.

3- Storyline & Endless mode using 7 continuous zombie kinds.

4- Striking 3D Graphics & extraordinary soundtracks.


[appbox googleplay com.glu.samuzombie]

Samurai vs Zombies Defence is a zombie killing, approach, & village rescue Android Game.

You’ll have the ability to develop into a mythical Samurai who’s responsible for rescuing the villages out of the deceased roaming zombies.


Features: –

1- Make your defences against crowds of zombies with Strategic Gameplay.

2- Fight with Partners: Get some aid from the shop together with warriors, farmers, archers, etc.

3- Play Mini Games to get rare items.

4- Upgrade Samurai: Become stronger by obtaining greater guards, weapons & magic skills.


[appbox googleplay com.madfingergames.deadtrigger]

Dead Trigger is one of the Best Zombie Game which offers Visually Outstanding 1st Person Zombie Shooter Combat with over 30+ million active users.


Features: –

1- Blast them from life with a deadly armoury of weapons.

2- Put them from the pain with strong explosives.

3- Dispatch of this zombie horde with innumerable creative ways.

4- Zombie AI can keep you on your feet


[appbox googleplay com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2&hl=en]

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best zombie game created for Android Devices.

You need to fight for survival at a zombie apocalypse within this heart-stopping 1st Person Shooter (FPS) action!


Features: –

1- Unlock 10 areas & plan a blueprint for 33 distinct areas.

2- Save the entire world from ghastly zombies!

3- More than 600 gameplay of warfare situations & intensive storytelling attempts.

4- Over 70 kinds of gun & pistols. It was not really simple to eliminate Zombies!


[appbox googleplay com.vng.g6.a.zombie]

Dead Target is also one of the Best Zombie Survival Game to Survive at a zombie apocalypse with offline shooting matches.

If you do not need to be dead, then do to do your best in planning in these completely free zombie game!

Features: –

1- Kill zombies with mythical weapons & appealing skins.

2- Update snipers & guns to confront upward with nonstop zombie strikes.

3- Enjoy 3D shooting as a Real zombie shot.

4. Kill zombies of all types into the defunct.


9- Zombie Gunship Survival

[appbox googleplay com.flaregames.zgs&hl=en]

Survive & Play the apocalypse of this remarkable zombie survival game. Unleash hellfire to the deceased out of the gunner place at the 130 AC Gunship Simulator.

In a universe where a lot of the man is turned or die off, a couple of guys instructed in survival matches picked up actual weapons to resist the zombie military assault.

Zombie Gunship Survival

Features: –

1- Perform Assault, Destruction, Scout & equip actual weapons from the 130 AC gunship.

2- Do gold to improve your shield, equipment, & guns to secure more awards.

3- Unlock actual weapons & construct a guard with military games while securing humankind’s survival.

10- Plants vs. Zombies

[appbox googleplay]

Soil your plants & dirt your crops as an enthusiast of fun-loving zombies is going to invade your house.

Use your armoury of 50 zombie-zapping plants like wall-nuts, peashooters, cherry bombs etc. to mulchify 30 kinds of zombies before they break down your doorway.

Plants vs. Zombies

Features: –

1- Make 50 strong perennials as likely rise & gather coins to obtain a pet, power-ups, & much more.

2- Show your zombie-zapping art by making 50 unusual accomplishments & present your zombie-zapping art.

3- Purchase 700000 coins directly in the Main Menu.

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I Hope You Liked the List of Best Zombie Android Games of November 2020.

Comment below if we miss any Most Addictive Zombie Game for Android!

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