GT Live Game Show App – Play Game & Earn Upto Rs.100 Paytm Cash

gt live game show apk

Are you aware you could make money by playing online games also? Would you know there are numerous programs on the internet that urge some simple ways to make money?

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gt live game show 2021

In the present age, via the world wide web, individuals do lots of jobs in the home. Looking deeper, the world wide web is now a potent source that has created your everyday work extremely straightforward.

Today you have to be wondering why I’m saying all those items for you? Right. So allow me to inform you that now we will discuss a program with you which gives you a chance to bring in money by playing matches.

1- GT Live Game Show Referral Code 2021

GT Live Game Show App ! Play Game And Earn

App Name GT Live Game Show
Sign Up Bonus ₹10
Refer & Earn ₹5 Per Refer
Referral Code 8PQ4K
GT Live Game Show App play store download
Redeem Paytm Cash

2- What is the GT Live Game Show?

GT - Live Game Show Apk Download 2021

GT is just one of the most well-known games in each age category. We’ve made it more fascinating by making it a live game series and incorporating timings to dab on a no. Making it a thrilling ability sport to play with. It brings the family together.

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3- How do I play this game?

GT for Android

Please consult with the Official Rules page. We advise you to see the Demo Video and examine all of the rules carefully.

4- What are the prerequisites to withdraw money?

gt live game show referral code 2021

Your phone enrolled with GT and also Paytm ought to be the exact same. Your PayTM KYC needs to be successfully done. And you’ve got to get a GT Balance larger than zero.

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5- How can I change my profile details?

gt live game show apk 2021

Proceed into the’My Account’ page where you are able to change your name, email profile pic. As soon as you’re done click the Update Profile’ button again.

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6- What is shuffling?

gt live game show

Shuffling supplies you the freedom to select your ticket. You can now alter the tickets if you aren’t pleased with the tickets that were automatically created for you. About the’Your Notifications’ page, then click the shuffle’ button to create a new ticket. Then click the validate’ button to store the last ticket.

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7- How many times can I shuffle my tickets?

GT Live Game Show App 2021

It is possible to sign up for a ticket as many times as you need, prior to saving it. However, you can spare a ticket just once.

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8- What is Balance?

gt live game show referral code

Balance is the quantity which you’ve won, which you receive when you claim available prizes throughout the sport. You’re able to fully and immediately make use of the Balance to buy tickets. Additionally, you can draw it in your PayTM Wallet.

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9- How can I use Rewards?

GT App

You’re able to fully and immediately utilize Rewards to buy tickets. However, you can’t draw this sum.

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10- How can I withdraw my Balance into my PayTM Wallet?

GT - Live Game Show Apk Download

Click the claim’ button that can be found on the home display. Your Balance is going to be moved to a PayTM account connected with all the phones you are already logged in with. In general, it takes a couple of minutes to reflect on your accounts. However, on occasion, it may take around 24 hours.

11- Can my Rewards or Balance expire?

GT Live Game Show App 2020

No. There’s not any validity and also to use money readily available in GT Assets or Rewards.

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12- Why can’t I see my name on the leaderboard even though I successfully claimed it in the game?

GT for Android 2021

Just the best 100 winners are exhibited on the leaderboard.

13- Money has been debited more than once from my account or GT Balance while buying tickets.

What is the GT Live Game Show

Your funds will be deducted to a GT Balance within one day. By GT Balance you’ll be able to decide to buy tickets to the upcoming games or draw to a PayTM account. If the problem still persists, then please speak to us in the’Get Help’ section.

Don’t worry your money is safe.

14- I have pressed the ‘claim’ button, my GT Balance has become zero but I have not received the money in my PayTM.

What is the GT Live Game Show 2021

Your withdrawal request is currently in process. Occasionally it takes around 24 hours to represent on your PayTM account. If the petition fails, then the sum will be deducted to a GT Balance within one day. Additionally, note that you need to finish your PayTM KYC to obtain cash. If the problem still persists, then please speak to us in the’Get Help’ section.

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